Programs and Activities

Community Programs and Activities

Community Initiatives 

The Community Service Office organizes, throughout the academic year, various community activities, workshops, field visits, awareness sessions and / or seminars. CSO also seeks to significantly participate in off campus community events at both the local & regional levels. 

Field Visits  

 CSO oversees the planning and execution of a number of industrial visits for AU students to various government entities and private sector businesses with a view to enhancing students’ practical experience and facilitating access to the world of work.


In collaboration with community authorities CSO offers a wide range of workshops covering topics such human & social development, personal finance, women empowerment, community sustainable indicators and themes of interest to our students and community alike. 

Seminars & Lectures  

CSO also endeavors to organize educational as well as awareness-raising seminars on topics related to community service & voluntary work to impart the values of giving & belongingness to all participants. 

Competitions & Awards

CSO coordinates with AU colleges to urge students participate in different local, Pan-Arab and international competitions aimed at highlighting the value of community engagement.